The Successors: A Space Marine Anthology (Paperback)

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The Successors: A Space Marine Anthology (Paperback)
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A Space Marine Anthology

Created to fight for the survival of the Imperium, the successor Chapters of the Space Marines number in the hundreds. Discover the history, customs, and stories of 12 different successor Chapters across 13 short stories by 10 different authors – from famed warriors to unsung heroes.


Discover successor Chapters new and old within this anthology of short stories by some of Black Library's premier authors.

The Space Marine Legions of old are dead, torn asunder in the wake of the Horus Heresy. In their place have risen a thousand Chapters, each unique, each carrying the legacy of their founders across the countless battlefields of the Imperium.

The Flesh Tearers spill blood in a war of brutal attrition.
The Emperor's Spears keep a tireless watch where their brothers have fallen.
The Consecrators search the dark places for relics and artefacts of power from the noble past.
The Crimson Fists vow, with bloodied hands, to become Dorn's glorious vanguard once more.

These are the Imperium's bulwark against terror, the Emperor's Angels of Death. Forged from the genetic material of the demigod Primarchs, it is by the might of these Adeptus Astartes that the growing darkness of the galaxy is held at bay – for the Space Marines know no fear.

Exorcists: The Empty Place by Graham McNeill
Soul Drinkers: The Phalangite Ascendancy by Ben Counter
Flesh Tearers: Disgraced by Chris Forrester
Emperor's Spears: The First Primaris by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Carcharodons: The Last Planet by Edoardo Albert
Mortifactors: Legacy of Posul by Chris Forrester
Wolfspear: The Wolves of Raukos by Guy Haley
Angels Penitent: The Sins of My Brothers by Peter Fehervari
Crimson Fists: Patience Kills by Gary Kloster
Black Dragons: Bless the Curse by Callum Davis
Consecrators: Living Relics by David Guymer
Iron Lords: Iron Watch by Callum Davis
Emperor's Spears: Son of the Storm World by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

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