Starter Brush Set

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Starter Brush Set
Starter Brush Set
Starter Brush Set
Starter Brush Set
Starter Brush Set
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Hobby Starter Brush Set
A starter brush set for scale modeling consists of a selection of basic brushes and cleaning solutions specifically designed for fine detail work in small-scale models, such as tabletop game figures, model soldiers, or model train figures. Ideal for beginners and advanced fans of modeling and role-playing games such as Warhammer, 40k, Age of Sigmar, Star Wars Legion and Dungeons & Dragons.

Here is the best brush set for beginners which will include the following items and their applications:

Silver Serie (S): They have an extremely fine tip and are used for intricate and precise work. They are ideal for painting small details like eyes, insignias, or tiny objects in dioramas.
Green Series Flat and Round Tip: The flat version have a square-shaped tip with straight edges. They are useful for base coating larger areas and adding even layers of paint to dioramas. It also includes 2 round standard Synthetic Green Series for normal and daily painting.
Blue Dry Serie: They have flexible bristles designed for dry brushing techniques. Dry brushing is useful for highlighting raised details or creating weathering effects.
Disposables are a cost-effective and convenient option for specific tasks such as Glue applications, Weathering effects, mixing paints, and applying solvent paints. They allow you to perform these tasks without worrying about potentially damaging or staining your good-quality ones, especially when working with materials like primers, sealers, glue, or weathering agents.
Weathering brushes are specialized tools to create weathering effects and texture on various surfaces. They have a unique design where the shape resembles a pen, but their interior is filled with a sponge material that can be cut, molded, and removed as needed. The sponge acts as the bristle of the brush, allowing for a distinct application technique.
It is also including 2 very important products for proper maintenance and care that can help save costs and reduce waste by prolonging their use.

Repair Gel: Over time, your paintbrushes can experience wear and tear, such as frayed or splayed bristles, loose ferrules, or dried and hardened paint residues. This article will ensure bristles will keep the tip for much much longer.
Brush Soap: It is a specialized cleaning solution formulated specifically for cleaning and maintaining paintbrushes. It is designed to effectively remove paint residues, pigments, and mediums from the bristles. This product not only cleans all your basic brushes for modeling but also helps condition and preserve the bristles, keeping them soft and flexible for optimal performance and longevity.
A starter brush set for beginners provides beginners with a convenient and cost-effective way to acquire the essential brushes for beginners needed for fine detail work in small-scale models. It ensures that beginners have the right tools to start their scale modeling journey with confidence and helps them develop their skills in painting intricate details and achieving professional-looking results.

The set contains:

- Instruction booklet
- Kolinsky Silver Serie (S) Size #2
- Kolinsky Silver Serie (S) Size #0
- Synthetic Green Serie: Flat Synthetic Size #3
- Synthetic Green Serie: Synthetic Size #1
- Synthetic Green Serie: Synthetic Size #00
- Blue Dry Series: Size #5
- Weathering Brushes 8mm (Pack 3x)
- Repair Gel 17ml
- Soap Cleaner and Preserver 17ml
- Disposable Synthetic (Pack x25)
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