GeekGaming: Base ready - Mediterranean Soil

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GeekGaming: Base ready - Mediterranean Soil
GeekGaming: Base ready - Mediterranean Soil
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Does having to base an army of miniatures seem like a daunting task?
Well, it just got a lot easier
Geek Gaming Scenics has created a range of basing materials (Base Ready) which can be used straight out of the bag to get the perfect bases.
It’s as easy as:
Glue it
Dip it
Grass it
Done it
When combined with our fast-drying basing glue and Tufts, you can have an army fit for any competition or battle in minutes

Our Mediterranean Soil, which is our speciality mixture of sands, gravels, foams, static grass, sawdust and aggregates all perfectly hand mixed to create the best miniature basing material for a Mediterranean theme, whether that is a Greek army sieging castle walls, Warhammer tomb kings charging across a desert plain or a WW2 soldier fighting in the Mediterranean and pacific fronts
Perfect for giving your miniatures that extra special base, Works Amazing as a basing material for models needing that Mediterranean Soil Look, Ideal for most miniature scales, any wargaming model base, battle board or diorama

Approx.: 200g
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