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White Dwarf March 2018 (English)

White Dwarf March 2018 (English)
Fő kategória >Könyvek >White Dwarf
2 250 Ft
Akció: 2 025 Ft2025
Kezdete: 2018.02.24  

White Dwarf March 2018 (English)

  • Portents grow darker for the Mortal Realms as the new White Dwarf arrives, bringing with it a look deep into shadow for the complete lowdown on the Daughters of Khaine, with Designers’ Notes, Paint Splatter and more. Elsewhere we’ve got a slew of new rules, with the much-requested rules for Genestealer Cult Gangs in Necromunda, plus an exclusive minigame of Kharadron Skyvessels racing four bounty, and a host of favourite regulars like Blanchitsu, Hall of Fame, Golden Demon and much, much more.

    • Planet Warhammer
    • Contact
    • Temporal Distort
    • Getting Started with the Horus Heresy
    • Malign Portents
    • Dancing with Shadows: Designers’ Notes for the Daughters of Khaine.
    • Illuminations
    • Death from the Shadows: A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battle Report
    • Perturabo’s Iron Legion
    • Hall of Fame
    • A Tale of Four Warlords
    • Golden Demon: Classic 2017
    • Battleground
    • ’Eavy Metal Masters
    • Blanchitsu
    • Stake a Claim: A minigame of Kharadron Skyvessels!
    • Genestealer Cults in Necromunda
    • Paint Splatter
    • Hero Painting Challenge
    • Readers’ Models
    • In the Bunker

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