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Death on the Pitch: Extra Time (Paperback)

Rendelhető (várható kiszállítás 7-28 nap)
Death on the Pitch: Extra Time (Paperback)
3 600 Ft
Akció: 3 240 Ft
Kezdete: 2020.11.14  

Death on the Pitch: Extra Time (Paperback)

  • A Blood Bowl anthology

    Return to the astrogranite with twelve tales of adventure, excitement and blatant cheating from the Blood Bowl field. From mystery pies to incompetent wizards, and from on-pitch action to off-field intrigue, this anthology has it all!

    Don't take our word for it – check out these celebrity endorsements.

    "It's a collection of Blood Bowl stories of unparalleled excellence." – Jim Johnson
    "I'm in some of them." – Bob Bifford
    "I'm being paid to say it's good. I'm being paid a lot, so it's VERY good." – Griff Oberwald
    "Not enough blood and skulls for my liking. Oh, there are plenty, but there's no such thing as enough." – Lord Borak the Despoiler

    Prepare for the brutal, bone-crunching action of the classic fantasy football game – Blood Bowl. A contest of strategy and tactics combined with sheer wanton violence, this may just be the goriest sport in existence. Join roaring spectators as they behold the frenzy of cheating dwarfs, second-rate wizards, homicidal orcs, and injured heroes fighting for old glory as they compete for the ultimate bloody victory. Ever wondered what happened to the legendary Bad Bay Hackers? Find out in Matt Forbeck’s ‘The Hack Attack’. Also included in this rip-roaring anthology are stories by up-and-coming Black Library authors Alex Worley and Robbie MacNiven, as well as established authors Josh Reynolds, Guy Haley, David Guymer, Gav Thorpe, David Annandale, and more...

    In this special ‘Extra Time’ edition, two further stories from the subs' bench have been added for even more mayhem!

    Manglers Never Lose by Josh Reynolds
    Fixed by Robbie MacNiven
    Da Bank Job by Andy Hall
    The Hack Attack by Matt Forbeck
    Mazlocke's Cantrip of Superior Substitution by Graeme Lyon
    Pride and Penitence by Alec Worley
    The Skeleton Key by David Annandale
    Scrape to Victory by Gav Thorpe
    Doc Morgrim's Vow by Josh Reynolds
    A Last Sniff of Glory by David Guymer
    Foul Play by Andy Hall
    Hoppo's Pies by Guy Haley
    The Freelancer by Robert Rath
    Dismember the Titans by Graeme Lyon