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Citadel Of The Everchosen

Rendelhető (várható kiszállítás 7-21 nap)
Citadel Of The Everchosen
149 800 Ft
Akció: 134 820 Ft
Kezdete: 2017.11.10  

Chaos Dreadhold: Citadel Of The Everchosen

  • A huge collection of scenery, which will dominate any gaming table it sits upon, the Citadel of the Everchosen is a massive, grim fortress, in the shape of an imposing 8-pointed star. It is made up from the following:

    - 8 Skull Keeps – each of these is a skull-encrusted tower, with a choice of two door designs and a balcony;
    - 2 Malefic Gates – these feature articulated doors, and come with 4 sections of Fortress Wall;
    - 4 sets of stairs – even the hardiest, most psychotic warriors of Chaos prefer stairs to climbing walls;
    - 4 skull balconies – appropriately-decorated platforms for your models to survey the battlefield upon;
    - 8 walkways – necessary to attach the Skull Keeps to the Citadel;
    - 8 Fortress Wall sections, which make up the bulk of the Citadel’s fortification.

    Of course, you’re free to configure this collection in any way you see fit, but the massive Chaos star you can build will intimidate any opponent you can drag near…